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Digital Learning - Online Reading

The Picaresque of Ímagine Purple by Beth Fine is an Educational Fiction Mystery Series with teachable moments. The books are Grade Level and Age-Appropriate.

Digital Learning has become a hot topic. Developers see potential for incorporating new electronic methods into every phase of education. Teachers, inundated with such possibilities, must ferret out which forms of digital learning are adaptable to their classrooms. And parents, wanting their children to be equipped with 21st century skills needed in school and work careers, rely on teachers to use everything available.

As exciting as each new innovation’s bells and whistles are and as expansive a world as these open to students, digital learning equipment cannot rule alone. Teachers know that content must be king.

Before DL↑ was “cool,” enrichment content began to percolate in The Picaresque of Ímagine Purple, an educational fiction series rich in applied language arts, recent history, and mystery content. Using digital learning concepts, the Imasodes were originally set to be read in Flash compatible flipbooks or PDFs, and then in ebooks (once Imasodes goes into print).

Although the online reading aspect of digital learning expects the reader’s eye to have the same end-line returns as with print, it requires a different level of focus. Fast-moving, online distractions may vie for more attention than the quieter environment of print reading.

So to minimize these distractions and allow for actual digital learning, The Picaresque’s author incorporated intentional distractions in the form of visual signals (*, italics, ↑ bold) to grab a reader’s focus, whether conscious, casual, or unaware focus. These signals indicate the Appendices holds a reservoir of one-line explanation for these items:

* = biographies
italics = clichés/idioms/phrases
↑ = lookup suggestions
bold = vocabulary

The caveat behind this form of digital learning content is the online reading series, allowing the reader to chose whether to ignore the signals or explore the Appendices: Have Fun. Get Smarter!

So, parents and teachers, are you looking for enrichment content outside common core? Are you looking especially for leveled-literature? The Imasodes begin at Grade 5 vocabulary and graduate to PSAT words. The storylines progress from simple to mature subjects and have mysteries to solve that challenge up to pre-college critical thinking skills. Follow the Stepping Stones to Success up to Imasodes, read the synopses, and buy an Imasode.

(ebooks can be purchased at Tate Publishing)

(Flipbooks for online reading are still in the works)

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