The Last Passenger Train Across Newfoundland

A young schoolteacher named Ímagine Purple has a secret desire to be a sleuth. In 1969, she gets that opportunity when several uninvited mysteries drop in her lap. You first meet Ima waving goodbye to her pilot husband who must report to Vietnam. But this is not "just another love story." It unfolds like a soap opera. Sweet partings, big arguments, and villainous deeds turn her world upside down.


Life-changing travels start when Ima purchases a ticket on The Last Passenger Train Across Newfoundland. While in the ticket line, Ima notices suspicious people like Vanna, a very rude but pretty lady and the O'Toole brothers, a pair bent on trouble. Once the train takes off, so does the adventure.


Even if you have never ridden a train, you will feel as if you boarded with the characters. You will bounce along on jumpy junctions between rail cars and follow Ima up and down the corridors as she investigates clues that lead her on a wild ride from one intrigue to the next...

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