Mayhem in Manhattan

Ima Purple arrives to New York City earlier than planned. Her father Lionel Longwind, an aging Broadway star, is still on tour. He forgets to tell her he has moved from her childhood home. Not knowing his new address, Ima fends for herself against a night stalker. By chance, she reconnects with her old best friend, Riina Feingold who is loyal to Ima at all costs. Once the feisty Riina enters the scene, the fun and trouble double. Together again, the young women act like two kids. They visit old hangouts and go undercover to solve the stalker mystery.

Lionel returns from tour and finds Ima has landed a job with his agent. Just as life appears to return to normal, things go rapidly out of control. A gangster joins a friendly card game and ups the bets. Gambling losses put Lionel's financial future in question. His archrival and the gangster kidnap him for a ransom. Ima and Riina go down manholes and blind alleys trying to locate Lionel. Then, on the very day that astronauts will walk on the moon, Ima and her father must run for their lives. The stage is set with a spotlight on deception, greed and envy where actors play real-life roles causing Mayhem in Manhattan.

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