The Sovereign's Sunburst at an Auction in Germany

Before leaving London, Ima got mugged standing outside a famous auction house. Along with Scotland Yard, she discovered that the accomplice to the mugger also helped facilitate the murder in Imasode VIII. After recovering, Ima continues her travels and invites Ginger, a young Romani gold-bender, to attend another auction being held in the Palatine Forest at Baron SonneEntladen’s estate. Though built in Medieval days, the baron’s castle remains an engineering marvel with heat baffling systems and an old foundry in which smart serfs became blacksmiths. For centuries, these metalworkers made swords, armor, and cannons for soldiers. In modern times, they built a huge pipe organ for the castle and tall cranes to lift guests’ cars across numerous moats.


For this Imasode, a strange cast of characters assembles to bid on ancient artifacts that Lord Noblenose must unload to prevent losing his tea farm in India. Involved in the auction weekend are a Punjabi royal family, a Romani clan, a rock musician, a young art curator, a Macedonian manservant, a German masseuse, a Hitler Youth member, a Manhattan jeweler, a Philadelphia missionary, and a Texas corporate magnate named Roland N. Dough and his wife Spinda Dee Dough. Although appreciating the baron’s interminable stories about serfs becoming knights in the 1200s, German Anabaptists leaving for America in the 1500s, and Nazi officers lodging at the castle in the 1940s, the visitors have mainly come to learn the history and value of the auction item called The Sovereign’s Sunburst.


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