Anti-Belle of Antebellum Atlanta

Ima Purple knew that Vanna Belforte had a colorful past back in Atlanta, Georgia. When she goes to the Deep South for a wedding, Ima meets two families, the Belfortes and the Bees. They live together at Chasenton Estate in a way unknown to Ima. When the sleuthing schoolteacher digs deeper, she finds regional differences, racial struggles, and forbidden romances.


Vanna goes back to her old antics but appears very mixed up. Atlanta brings out her best and worst sides. The spoiled-rotten Southern Belle ignores her guest. So, at first, Ima entertains herself by asking the staff casual questions about life at the estate. What she hears drives her to investigate an old crime. She pushes to find new clues before Vanna makes a big mistake. If the past crashes into the present, will events lead characters to repentance or retribution? Will Vanna choose romance or revenge in the Anti-Belle of Antebellum Atlanta?

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