Danger Starts in Detroit

After attending two non-weddings in Atlanta, Ímagine travels with her actor-father Lionel to visit her in-laws Wally and Lydia Purple near Detroit. Soon thereafter, her new Atlanta friends arrive and take jobs at the theme park called Greenfield Village. In between acting roles, PapaLi plays Abraham Lincoln at Greenfield and daily reads the Gettysburg Address. The others continue to pursue separate dreams. Rich DuPlantis, only a stable groom, further develops his idea of using therapy horses to heal head injury victims. Exonerated and freed from a Georgia prison, Brady Bee wants a singing career. Although Ima arranges for him an audition at Motown, Wally Purple shows Brady how to earn a living in a down-to-earth way by joining a union and learning to assemble cars.


Although these characters enjoy the second chances afforded by the Detroit area, this new location also offers a second chance for ruthless criminals to harm those closest to Ima. While her teenage sister-in-law Molly goes to the Woodstock Music Festival and upon return, widens the "generation gap" by spouting "peace and love" to solve global problems, Ima tangles with gangsters who use strong-arm tactics and guns to solve local conflicts. The conniving Pollibos from the Manhattan Imasode resurface and engage their Detroit relatives to settle a family score with Lionel. Corruption, killing, and kidnapping form their repertoire.

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