Escapades in Estonia

An old college friend asks Ima for help. He wants her to bring a medical instrument to Estonia for his research. Since Riina grew up speaking Estonian, Ima invites her New York pal to come along. That gives her a travel companion and interpreter in one package. As couriers of scientific equipment, the young ladies head for Tallinn, Estonia. Upon arrival, they get accused of espionage. Officials take away the machine and their passports. Then, Riina's name reminds them of an escaped murderer. So, the KGB attempts to use her as a bargaining chip.


Ima and Riina need more than passports to get out of the trouble that meets them overseas. They don't understand the ways of communism. Both work hard to identify friends and foes in a satellite Soviet Socialist Republic. Their adventure does not turn into a luxurious European vacation. In fact, when Riina ends up on the roof, it brings shades of The Diary of Anne Frank. This case stretches Ima's skill across the Atlantic. She finds that artificial hearts and bungling ambassadors make strange bedfellows. So, laboratories and larceny constantly punctuate her Escapades in Estonia.

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