Aunt Lottie's London

The moment Ima Purple takes up residence at her great aunt's home in London, she lands in a curdling intrigue. She enters a world of butlers, secret passages, and poison. While her father renews his acting career in England, Ima reunites with Manhattan friends abroad. One such New Yorker proves he is no friend indeed. Like in a modern day Agatha Christie novel, a genteel dinner party masks a murderous plot. Once again, a bitter rivalry takes center stage; and Ima will need her sleuthing skills more than ever when someone close to her, dies suddenly.


Ima goes on a tour of London and stops in front of clusters of hippies. They carry the same confused spirit she saw in America. Young people her own age seemed disengaged from life. Some are high on drugs; others walk around with protest signs. Ima decides to give a speech in Hyde Park to protest this waste of young life. She wrestles with her ideals and meets her own prejudices. With internal and external mysteries to solve, Ima will never be the same when death comes to Aunt Lottie's London.

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