From Piraeus to Paris and to the Pyrenees

After stopping a duel between two suitors trying to win Ginger’s heart, Ima hitches a ride to France in the Doughs’ private jet to meet her husband for a romantic Christmas in Paris. Unfortunately, the plane detours to Athens when news comes of an attempted government takeover of DoughGrecia Industries. After harrowing taxi rides against the traffic on one-way streets and suffering food poisoning at a restaurant on Piraeus, Ima begs off from the Doughs. She flies to Rome and begins to drive to Paris. En route she serendipitously sees Ginger dashing by a café table and Vanna gambling at a casino.

Once settled in Paris, Ima reads headlines about a balcony burglar breaking into homes during holiday parties. By accident, she meets the owner of a ballet school where the burglar is developing more strength to fly between balconies. Finally, Ima’s husband arrives for their holiday rendezvous. Sammy, an expert pilot, has to testify at the Paris Peace Conference about Chinese sorties into Vietnam; but the meetings get postponed. So, Ima and Sammy enjoy a second honeymoon until the burglar enters their hotel room via the balcony. With the help of the police, they catch the culprit. Still, this silverfish slips off from the authorities. When Sammy leaves, Ima resumes tracking the burglar. She heads to Orleans, thinking the culprit might seek refuge in a Medieval monastery. Her search then leads down to Montaillou, once a land of heresy. Climbing into the mountains she meets Zep Leddlin, the rock musician from Imasode IX. Ima’s head spins with all the details and coincidences in her travels From Piraeus to Paris and to the Pyrenees.


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