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Putting this serial together would have been impossible without some fine young readers. Especially key to its development were Avery in Virginia and Collin in Maine. Their focus, reactions, ideas, and reports regarding the project helped the long process. They encouraged me to believe that a young audience still exists for an old-fashioned picaresque.

I sought assistance from librarians, schoolteachers, parents, proofers and computer experts whose skills and suggestions have made it better than I designed.

Vicky Drake, assistant librarian in St. Lawrence, NL helped with the Newfoundland dialect and applauded the main character Ima's openness about using her faith. Riina Olvet, a library information specialist in Queens, NY, proved invaluable with the Estonian episode. Tahnya Sherwood, Atlanta, GA elementary school media specialist assisted in dovetailing with curriculum. Iris Reyes, a supervisor with Houston ISD, and Patti Henry, an HISD librarian at The Rice School Middle School gave me a helpful, public school perspective. Kerry Chamberlain in East Waterboro, ME, provided constant encouragement and a homeschooler perspective. Sunny C. Cooper of The Proof Pen and Chelsea Watkinson helped to proof manuscripts. Virginia Giles of Braselton, GA waited with bated breath to pick up and handle loose ends.

The web design team of Steve Chamberlain, Dave Watkinson, Justin Mulwee, and Tina Mellen-Whittimore wrestled with four different sites trying to capture the evolving concept of The Picaresque of Ímagine Purple. Chelsea Watkinson monitored that development that grew out of her original design and also produced a blog for me to share my thoughts on the whole process. Shari Mauthner, a great friend and instructional designer at the University of Houston, often translated computer lingo and provided me a lovely, temporary home in the U.S.

Rick Ritts of Big Head Studios brought the Imasode maps to life. Like a champ, he fielded with good humor my many changes-of-mind. His added touches came from his interest in the project. I also owe appreciation to Arnomation for creating the first Ima logo image and for doing initial map drafts.

Notwithstanding all the above mentioned help, the bulk of my gratitude goes to my incredibly patient editor, Rebecca Ensign of Gold Leaf Press in Detroit. Without her professional navigation over many years, this effort would have flown straight into the side of a mountain. Now, the staff at Tate Publishing is converting the first two Imasodes into print and e-book versions.

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