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Good Choice for a New Future

A new motto for you: “Readers are writers.”

College work requires students to be both. Advisors may require you take pre-college English courses.

Good news!

The Picaresque of Ímagine Purple has Adventures with Advantages that will help in your quest.

Renew your academic readiness:

• Illustrated Maps remind you about geography
• Biographies make you alert to characters’ strengths and flaws
• Clichés/Idioms/Phrases offer colorful ways to express your ideas
• Lookup Suggestions jog your memory of common knowledge
• Vocabulary lists present refined word choices for essays

• Reading proper punctuation makes it more automatic in writing
• Breaking up ideas into paragraphs becomes easier and more obvious
• Handling difficult subjects will restore critical-thinking methods
• Summarizing, finding options, and forming conclusions are essential college skills

Whatever your goals for returning to school,
Whatever your pace or style of study,
Daily encourage yourself on this wise path.

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Beth Fine
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