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Congratulations, you have already chosen well by wanting to learn more.

Scan the questions below to refine your goals and focus.

1. Do you skim many books, trying to pick up new English words?
2. Have you got a strong vocabulary, but idioms still puzzle you?
3. Are mystery clues harder to grasp in English than your first language?
4. Do story characters (or even new friends) trick or tease you with strange words?
5. Have you made friends with English speakers?
6. Do maps of foreign places make you long for your homeland?
7. Did the 1960s affect your native country as much as it did America?

Good news!


The Picaresque of Ímagine Purple can help you enjoy your quest for comprehension and competency in a second language.


Buy the Book (Underage Readers Alert Parents)

• Read for your own reasons
• Read in your own style
• Read at your own pace
• Enjoy the maps and character studies

But, an English teacher like Ima might advise the following:

• Read the “Get Smarter” stone on the home page to see what fits your need
• Focus on the Clichés/Idioms/Phrasess because the stories use a lot of them
• Learn their meanings in the Appendices
• Stretch your vocabulary: one italicized word (in print); bold (online)

Buy the Books
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Beth Fine
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