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Code of Ethics
Revised December 2012

The Imasodes were created upon principles meant to exalt achievement and to exhort personal responsibility.


  • I know a purchased online series Imasode is for my use only.
  • I know that it is not to be emailed or copied for others.
  • I will encourage my friends to look at the sites, but I will not give them my password or my copy of this or any Imasode.
  • I understand how important it is to act honorably, even in the smallest of things.
  • I understand the Imasodes are available for the purpose(s) of entertainment and/or personal educational enrichment.
  • I understand further that each Imasode, though fully self-contained, is only one unit in a series and that it is intended to be read in sequential order.
  • I will protect and uphold, to the best of my ability the accuracy and protection of all intellectual property including copyrighted text, graphic art, and financial and other personal information exchanged.
  • I will not use or remove any content from this website for unauthorized or illicit use at any time, nor for personal gain, without direct and express written consent from a member of Imasodes, LLC, or an authorized representative thereof.

We, the members of Team Ima, along with our namesake Ímagine Purple, hold ourselves to the highest standard of ethics, integrity and performance. We expect from our members, our customers and any strategic partners, an equal level of commitment to this high standard. We require one hundred percent adherence to Code of Ethics ensuring a best effort is made to protect the interests of all. The acceptance of this Code of Ethics is therefore implied by any, and all, who use of our websites and PDF content found therein.

We make repeated efforts to verify the accuracy of information held on our website. In the event a customer believes that such information held by us is inaccurate or outdated, we will, upon notification and sufficient time for verification, take all reasonable steps to correct any inaccuracy or update outdated information of which we are made aware.

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