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Good news!  Ímagine Purple can help in your quest to have fun.


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• Just skim to catch each story
• Glance at the Illustrated Maps
• Forget the Appendices

• Skip the Biographies*
• Skip the Lookup Suggestions
• Skip the Clichés/Idioms
• Skip Vocabulary (italics in print; bold online) or
• Skip any hard words and say "buffalo"

• Read for your own reasons
• Read in your own style
• Read at your own pace


What if I changed my mind and decided I wanted to...

• Dig into the deeper meanings of a story.
• Travel farther than my bike takes me.
• Find the clue that really solves each mystery.
• See how the Imasode maps fit the stories.
• Read a character's biography to see how his flaws affect the future.
• Discover why the 1960s still seem so important to music, clothes, & politics.


Then go back to the HOME PAGE and read the “Get Smarter” stone to see what fits your need.


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