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Good Choice for a New Future

Not every job requires a college degree.
Not every person wants to sit facing a computer.

Good news!

The Picaresque of Ímagine Purple has lots of adventures in unique locations, giving a reader vicarious experiences with characters who have all types of jobs with a variety of tasks and in different venues.

• They serve on trains, ferries, farms, planes and military bases.
• They work in museums, car factories, jails, stables, labs, embassies, and clothiers.
• They are found in ship hulls, police stations, foundries, haunted houses, and gold mines.
• They cater parties, attend auctions, go to casinos, end in hospitals, and lodge in hotels.
• They belong to clubs, live in castles, hide in monasteries, and rehearse in theatres.
• They practice music, medicine, horseback riding, gold bending, and deceit, lots of deceit.

Ímagine Purple has been a teacher; but like you, she wants to change careers to become a sleuth. Maybe some of the activities listed above sound interesting.

Community colleges offer courses that lead to good paying jobs in old and new fields:

• Accounting
• Air Conditioning
• Asbestos Removal
• Auto Mechanics
• Beauty Work
  • Bookkeeping
• Cabinet Making
• Carpentry
• Computer Repair
• Culinary Arts
  • Drafting
• Floral Design
• Hospitality
• Inventory
• Investigation
  • Landscaping
• Law Enforcement
• Massage Therapy
• Medical
• Merchant Marine
• Paralegal
• Photography
• Plumbing
• Purchasing
• Real Estate
• Retail Mgt.
• Sales Training
• Small Business
• Transportation
• Welding

Or, perhaps, you have other reasons to go back to school:

• You feel in an educational funk, as if your school years blurred past.
• Others your age seem to have moved ahead in life faster than you.
• Life’s dilemmas appear like mystery clues you want more skill to solve.
• You’re curious about strange places but haven’t the foggiest notion of their locations.
• You once had a favorite teacher who believed in you and wanted to guide you.
• Now, you want to get back in the game and recapture your readiness to learn.


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