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Good Choice

Ímagine Purple has lots of books 

with Enrichment Perks to help in your quest

to get smarter but still stay a kid a while longer.


So, scan the “Get Smarter” page to pick out “Kid” goals.  Then,

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• Look at the Illustrated Maps.
• Glance at the Appendices.
• Focus on the Biographies*
• Then, skim the stories.

A teacher like Ímagine understands that kids like to know what makes other people tick. A person’s history, called a biography, can provide just such insight. In fact, a biography is a short story of a long life and often reads like a gossip column. So for fun and advance notice to the behavior of main characters, Ima suggests you start with all of the character biographies. That focus will make the story so much easier to grasp.

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Beth Fine
Beth Fine
Beth Fine Beth Fine  Beth Fine