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Congratulations, you’ve already chosen to learn more. Read the “Get Smarter” stone
on the home page to see what fits your style.

Scan the questions below to help refine your goals.

1. Do maps make you want to travel farther than your learner’s permit allows?
2. Would your essays earn better grades if you used more new words?
3. Do your punctuation skills need a booster shot?
4. Are clues to solve a mystery easy or hard for you to catch in a story?
5. Can you discern the difference between deductive and inductive reasoning?
6. Do you skim a book just for the story or dig in for deeper meanings?
7. Could a character’s biography give clues to his future actions?
8. Do you think the 1960s decade caused and/or still affects issues in America?

Good news!

 You'll find answers in The Picaresque of Ímagine Purple.
 An educational series with lots of a books to help in your quest for a wider vocabulary, knowledge of cultures, and view of recent history.

Buy the Book (Underage Readers Alert Parents)

• Read for your own reasons & in your own style!
• Enjoy the maps and character studies if you like.
• Tour Appendices if you like.

But, an English teacher like Ima might advise the following:

• Use the Appendices in the back of the book.
• Focus on vocabulary (italicized in print; bold online) for future PSAT tests.
• Skim through the clichés/idioms: two+ words italicized
• Build a fact base by Lookup Suggestions: (plain font in print; ↑online)
• Review typical punctuation signals

Buy the Books
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