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Great Gift for Grandkids - (Linda Thorne, 05/14/2017)

"I bought some copies of the first book for my grandchildren and a copy for our eleven year old neighbor. They all loved the story of the Last Passenger Train Across Newfoundland. Giving this one to all of them got them started in the series. I then bought copies of the second book a little over a year later. This time I decided to read it myself before sending it to my grandkids (our 11-year old neighbor had moved). The book I read was an excellent mystery that kept my interest as an adult and I loved seeing all the educational sections for the children. It also gave me a review of what happened in the first book. I'll be able to buy other books in this series for my grandkids as they get older. I believe the books are geared to older children, in steps, as you get up in the series. Their parents liked these gifts too because of the educational angle added to the fun mystery. It's a series you can continue giving your grandkids as they grow, starting from around age 9 on up through their high school years. "

Avery (age 13, Virginia) consumed first 8 stories and said they were like movies

"This story is far beyond what I thought. It kept me on pins and needles. These new bios help readers understand the characters, especially why Vanna is a high-class thief. I felt sorry for Brady in prison. While Cal should wear a different cologne, Shelton needs to get rid of his jealousy and take a nice long nap."

Collin (age 12, Maine) read 8 episodes and created the term "Imasodes"

"I worried about Lionel when taken hostage by the Pollibos. My favorite character was Brady Bee. I loved when he chased Cal on foot, and actually caught him in the truck. My favorite part is when Ima talked to Detective Bailey about the weaponry and the types of bullets used in different guns."

Tahnya Sherwood (Elementary Library Media Specialist, Atlanta, GA)

"After finishing the first Imasode, I grew excited about the potential of the series called The Picaresque of Ímagine Purple. Students like getting involved with characters who reappear in different stories; I think they will enjoy a group of Imasodes that all connect to each other. I feel students will like the convenience of reading about Ima in this new online format. The author goes above and beyond to include maps, vocabulary, character biographies, and other learning tools. These will help students, teachers, and parents to utilize the interactive books. I welcome this series as a new resource for enrichment reading. The exciting and fast-paced adventures surely will hold the attention of readers in middle school grades and beyond.”

Sunny C. Cooper (Copy Editor, Reader, and Parent)

"Creative. Cognitive. Compelling. A unique and multi-layered experience with a colorful cast in a world that is altogether familiar and historically accurate. The stories deliver cultural flavor and generational maxims that are unique to the period of time and place of each plot. While the author makes the English language approachable and fun, she uses characters and colloquialisms which provide a surprising wealth of the American experience. I find this a particularly exciting approach for ESL students. As an avid reader, well- traveled editor, and home educator of a young bookworm, I felt like a curious and eager participator in the ongoing chronicles of this endearing protagonist. While age-appropriate for adolescents, Ima’s world of intrigue and global fun boldly delivers for readers of all ages and nationalities."

Rebecca J. Ensign (Director, HelpTeachYourChildren.org)

"As clever as its lead character, this series appeals to many types of readers on different levels in both fun and practical ways. Book lovers and non-readers alike are drawn into each Imasode which cooks up an intriguing narrative as it sneakily develops critical thinking, comprehension and vocabulary skills – then peppers it with a bit of history and a lesson in geography. The reader cannot help but gain a sense of accomplishment. Help Teach Your Children highly endorses the entire series for its entertaining approach and educational substance."

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